AirPort Extreme - Learning More, Service, and Support

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Learning More, Service, and Support



Online Resources

For the latest information about the AirPort Extreme, go to

To register your AirPort Extreme, go to

For AirPort support information, a variety of forums with product-specific information
and feedback, and the latest Apple software downloads, go to

For support outside of the United States, go to, and then
choose your country from the pop-up menu.

Onscreen Help

To learn more about using AirPort Utility with your AirPort Extreme, open AirPort Utility
and choose Help > AirPort Utility Help.

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Chapter 5


Obtaining Warranty Service

If the product appears to be damaged or does not function properly, please follow the
advice in this booklet, the onscreen help, and the online resources.

If the base station still does not function, go to for instructions
about how to obtain warranty service.

Finding the Serial Number of Your AirPort Extreme

The serial number is printed on the bottom of your AirPort Extreme.

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