AirPort Extreme - The AirPort Extreme Status Light

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The following table explains the AirPort Extreme light sequences and what they indicate.




AirPort Extreme is unplugged.

Flashing green

AirPort Extreme is starting up. The light flashes for one second.

Solid green

AirPort Extreme is on and working properly. If you choose Flash
On Activity from the Status Light pop-up menu (in the Base
Station pane of AirPort settings in AirPort Utility), the status light
may flash green to indicate normal activity.

Flashing amber

AirPort Extreme cannot establish a connection to the network or
the Internet, or is encountering a problem. Make sure you have
installed AirPort Utility and use it to get information about what
might cause the status light to flash amber. See “If Your AirPort
Extreme Status Light Flashes Amber” on page 29.

Solid amber

AirPort Extreme is completing its startup sequence.

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Chapter 1




Flashing amber and green

There may be a problem starting up. AirPort Extreme will restart
and try again.

Solid blue

The base station is ready to allow a wireless client access to the
network. See “Allowing Wireless Clients Access to Your Network”
on page 25.

What’s Next

After you plug in your AirPort Extreme, use AirPort Utility to set it up to work
with your Internet connection, USB printer or hard disk, or an existing network.

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